Patrick Walby
"We have done over 850,000 Brake Jobs"
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Patrick Walby is a Franchise Expert. Patrick Walby has the rare combination of understanding the laws of the franchise concept and implementing franchising in the business. Patrick Walby has the experience of forming a business model to working concept, to construct the centers, to creating a business with trade name branded and selling shops as franchised businesses. Patrick Walby has made successful franchise system with franchise agreements and franchise manuals, based upon the Mail Boxes, Etc. model, constructed with a legal team from Jack in the Box restaurants. Patrick Walby have worked side by side with the best. One of the founders of Brake Depot

What they say about Patrick Walby and Philip Walby, the Brake Brothers "When you meet these guys, if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body you will relate to them like a kindred spirit. Before the end of our first meeting, I felt so good my mind began racing like an Indy car. Right away, I knew I wanted to get involved and grow this exciting company with them... Patrick Walby and his brother Philip are constantly looking to improve, they talk everyday and research, explore, tinker and tweak from every angle. This is the kind of team to look for, and if your are fortunate enough to find one like this, your're nuts if you don't jump on board immediately.

As for the Brake Business, at the same time, Patrick Walby says specialization keep the prices low often 10 to 20 percent lower than other shops by ordering parts directly from the factory, instead of using a middleman.

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